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God-willing, I hope that RightWithGod will continue to appear each week in a much shorter form until my broken right arm is healed,  but I will not burden you with all the explanation given in an earlier posting.

It is God’s way with His children that He mixes His judgements with mercy. As time goes on, and I look at the hard trials of others, I realise that my broken arm is indeed “light affliction, which is but for a moment” (2 Corinthians 4: 17). God has in fact been merciful towards me. What He has brought upon me is not judgement, but Fatherly chastisement, and done in love. It was nothing like what I deserved. In fact it was not the smallest fraction more than was necessary to bring about the required ‘stop’ in my life, and I hope that I am now truly thankful for it.

One thing is becoming clear to me over these days of ‘stoppage’. It is that there has been in my spiritual life considerable ‘drift’. It is not  that my discipline of prayer and bible reading had fallen by the wayside, but that the level of love, earnestness and fervency in these things had dropped. The problem was that it had dropped so slowly that I was not aware that it was happening. As always in such ‘drifting’, there was some loss of appreciation of what Christ had done for me. I am grateful to God for His intervention. May He revive and quicken my heart, and may I set about making all the adjustments now necessary with commitment and resolve.




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