“One-handed Blog” (5)

God-willing, I hope that RightWithGod will continue to appear each week in a much shorter form until my broken right arm is healed,  but I will not burden you with all the explanation given in a previous blog.

On a Lord’s Day morning in preparation for preaching, I often read randomly from the letters of Samuel Rutherford. This is to prepare my heart. I often find myself wishing that I had such appreciation of  Christ as Rutherford had. I have the same feeling when I read the account of the  “woman in the city who was a sinner” in Luke 7: 37-40. Her actions describe her love and thankfulness to Christ with a power and eloquence that no words could ever match. She had what one would call ‘a history’, such that ordinary people would not allow her to touch them. She approaches Jesus and begins to weep over Him and as the tears began to fall on His feet, she began to wipe them with the hairs of her head.  The rest of the company waited for Jesus to draw back from her, but no such reaction came. He just let her do it until she was finished. This adds further to the beauty of the scene. It tells us that Jesus recognised her gesture as one of deep appreciation. Of what? At this point, we have to assume that Jesus had a previous conversation with her during which she got RightWithGod. He would have conveyed to her the wonderful news that He was able and willing to forgive her and cleanse her from ALL sin. How I wish that I had such appreciation of Christ as she had.


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