“Soul Searching”

The true believer is not afraid of being searched by the scriptures; indeed he or she wants this searching, and wants confirmation from the bible that they are true believers, RightWithGod. This desire itself is a confirmation, or token that they are indeed true children of God. The unbeliever does not want to be searched in this way.

One of the subjects described in various parts of the bible is the subject of heaven. What the bible tells us about heaven is not just information, but it is a rich testing ground for us to test ourselves. What we must ask ourselves is,  ‘Does the heaven described in the bible appeal to us, or does it not?’ Very few people would say they do not want to go to heaven, but when heaven is described to them, the reaction of many is, ‘I do not want to go there’.  The reason often given is,’It sounds a very boring place. Some would say, ‘I would not like to spend eternity in the company of Christians’. To the unbeliever very often the christian life seems very boring, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Many years ago a boat was just casting off from the quay-side in Glasgow, when this man came running along the quay, and with one desperate jump, he just managed to jump the widening gap. He landed a heap on the deck so puffed that it took him some time to be able to speak. People gathered round him, wondering if he needed help. Eventually he sat up and said, “Where’s the bar?”.  He was then told, “Sir, you must be on the wrong boat. There is no bar on this boat. This is a party of christians out for a day-trip. We will be away for most of the day”.  His full answer was unprintable, but it was clear that being ‘imprisoned’ for a whole day with only christians for company, was to him like a hell on earth.

One of the wonderful things about the prospect of heaven for the true christian is in the words, “They shall see His face”(Revelation 22:4).  This means that we will actually see Jesus with our physical eyes because, when he took human nature into union with Himself, the union was, and ever will be, permanent and indestructible. As the angel said to the disciples, as he was being taken up into heaven, “This same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as you have seen Him go into heaven” Acts 1: 11). The question for you and me is, “Is this something that really excites us, and makes us long for heaven; or is it something that leaves our hearts cold?” If the latter, then it is an indication that we have never received Christ as our Saviour from our sins, and as the Lord of our lives, and are not RightWithGod.

It is not possible in this small space to apply the rest of this great passage, But there are plenty other things here by which we can test ourselves. The great question is, ‘Is the heaven that is described to us in the bible the kind of heaven we want?’ Search and see.


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