Invisible and Visible

In Revelation chapter 4 we are given an amazing revelation of the throne of God, and some idea of the glory that surrounds it. In verse 2 we are told that there was One sitting on the throne. In verse 3 we are told that the One sitting on the throne was a He, a male person. There follows a mysterious description of that Person: “Like a jasper and a sardius stone in appearance”. How are we to interpret these words? There is little to be gained by studying these stones. After all our studies we know no more about the appearance of the person than we did before. All we can say is that there was  a person on that throne that could not be described in words, What it does point to is One who is invisible, but yet a real Person. It was the throne of God, and God Himself sat on  the throne, the Invisible God; Invisible because God is a spirit.

Now when we move forward to Chapter 5, we read that there was a book in the right hand of Him that sat on the throne. We shall look at this book later because we want to focus our attention on another Person who appears. This Person is different from the Person in Chapter 4. This person is visible; in fact He is man. He is called by two strange names, “The Lion of the tribe of Judah”, and “the Root of David”. These are two names used elsewhere in the bible for the Lord Jesus Christ. However He was no ordinary man because He alone was able to take the book out of the hand of the One that sat on the throne. This  was because He was God as well as man.

So in Chapter 3 we have on the throne God invisible. In Chapter 4 we have God visible, the Lord Jesus Christ, taking this mysterious book out of the hand of God invisible on the throne.  Clearly this is God the Son taking the book out of the hand of God the Father, Let us now take a look at this book itself.

This was a most unusual book, It would not be a ‘book’ like the books we are used to. It would be a scroll. and we read that it was written on both sides, back and front, suggesting that there was no space for additions. This was God’s plan for the history of the world. In Chapter 5 we have the wonderful picture of God the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ taking the book out of the hand of God the Father, agreeing thereby to carry through the history of the world.  We read in psalm 40, verse 8 of the loving spirit in which this was done: “I delight to do thy will, O my God: yea thy law is within my heart”.

What a comfort it is to the believer, that the Lord Jesus Christ is God visible. It means that when we get to heaven we shall see Him with our very eyes, and be able to enjoy Him forever more.


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